is a company based in Singapore. It was established to do research & development in finding 21st century solutions for 21st century viral protection.

In February 2003, history was created when the company made a breakthrough in formulating a revolutionary formulation that possesses unique capabilities and efficacy in eliminating 99.99% of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses. The formulation has been named ‘Antibac2K®’ where Antibac is the acronym for anti-bacteria that has the dual functions (anti-microbial & malodour encapsulating properties) and ‘2K’ stands for the millennium.

It was a sweet victory, coming at the height of the SARS and Bird Flu outbreaks in Asia and other parts of the world. This commercial initiative was the brainchild of our Managing Director, Mr Daniel Low and his team of professionals. Antibac2K® technology has anti-microbial and malodours encapsulating properties that surrounds the membrane of the bacteria & viruses which interrupts thier food chain and then starve them to death. Antibac2K® is a powerful and terminal disinfectant and has been certified and endorsed in Germany.

Antibac2K® has been tested in various accredited laboratories, according to industry guidelines. It has been approved and certified by the world renowned German Virologist, Dr Jochen Steinmann from Mikrolab GmbH (Germany), Productivity and Standards Board Corporation, ALS technicam & Analytical Laboratories (Singapore) to be effective against vaccine virus strains Elstree, Bovine viral diarrhea virus (the most difficult to control), corona viruses (SARS) and H5N1 viruses (Bird Flu). Antibac2K® formulation also complies with the EC Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC (SGS, China). Click here to view test results.

Today, Antibac Laboratories is a proud owner of Antibac2K® trademark, registered not only in Singapore but also worldwide. The company ultimately aims to strengthen its global position in the provision of hygiene, air quality and environmental products. Presently, we have a global chain of distributors selling Antibac2K® products. Moreover, many reputable companies from the environment & hygiene industry have shown keen interest to use Antibac2K® formulation to serve their clients.

The strength of the company is in manufacturing, product development and research. Antibac2K® formulation is incorporated in all our range of products:

Air Quality Systems
Environmental Hygiene Systems
Personal Care
Virogone Pet Care

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Antibac Laboratories also provide test and support services to its customers who wish to manufacture and package their own range of hygiene products in accordance with their specifications. We have superior equipment and cutting age technology to meet our customers’ demands.

The company staff embrace Customer Focus, Customer Oriented and Team work and Personal Excellence as their core values to build itself as a global company.

Antibac Laboratories continues to research aggressively into product development to keep abreast with the constant threat posed by new viruses and pathogens.

Daniel Low
Managing Director


All our products are manufactured based on 3 governing principles and conform to our stringent manufacturing standards. Our products are certified and endorsed in Germany with further testing in Singapore by PSB and SGH to ensure our products meet the required standards.

We ensured our products are safe for use by all users, because they are:
Non-Toxic / Non Carcinogenic
Easily Handled
Chemically Stable

Our products are tested and proven to be effective against viruses, bacteria and environmental friendly.

Antibac 2K® is readily biodegradable and water-soluble
Dilute 1:200 times to achieve 99.999 % kill rate
Effective eradication against SARS and bird flu viruses: Use 5% concentration

Our products are economically priced and good dilution rate makes it cost effective for use.

Only an economical dosage of Antibac 2K® is required to achieve a 99.999% kill rate
Do not require specific protection aids and special training to handle
Good risibility – reduced need for residual testing and monitoring