Eliminate pollutants around you with this innovative Air Quality Systems from Antibac 2K®. Comes in 3 variable night light function to give it that sophisticated look. With our wide range of aromas, make your personal environment free of unwanted odors, leaving
you feeling refreshed for the day ahead.
Dirt, grime, pathogen and viruses are everywhere. Keep them at bay effectively with our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are designed for our client’s specific usage. Our cleaning solution can be used in health care environments, restaurants and large public areas.
Keep your precious pets free of ticks and fleas with our range of pet care products. With our revolutionary Antibac 2K® formulation, you can now sleep with peace of mind knowing that your pets are not plagued by microorganisms. Virogone Pet Spray comes in 4 fresh scents.
Taking care of oneself is an important daily routine. Soldiers out in the field and on the road may not have the proper facilities to stay clean. Our military spray has been formulated to take care of soldiers’ hygiene, anytime, anywhere.